Ask Scattorshot
{{ I am supposed to give you a kiss, so I copied an image of my lips and am sending it to you. You're welcome. Don't abuse it. }}

((this would be a collab done by me and officialprowl for a friend who was having a bad day. I drew it and prowl colored it. Because we luv frendz))

((this would be a collab done by me and officialprowl for a friend who was having a bad day. I drew it and prowl colored it. Because we luv frendz))



Does this mean he’s safe?

Oh, Scattorshot is definitely safe from warlords. After all, he has the most qualified body guard there is watching over him.


Then why is body guard across the base? Also do not provoke warlords. 

Does this mean he’s safe?


To divulge his weaknesses to Scattorshot, every little detail of all that he could not accomplish—never would he do such a thing. Such secrets he would take with him to the void once more if he had to.

Voice softened a bit as he considered the question he was asked by the Autobot technician. Though meant to be a retort, there was something else he sensed behind those words, a longing of some sort. Perhaps what the Autobot needed was simply for someone to actually ask to see how he was, but it was not a kindness which Megatron spared to anyone.

After all, no one cared to ask how he was. Instead, he disregarded the retort. At least, he attempted to until Scattorshot spoke again.

{{ A lot can upset anyone, Autobot. I do believe my actions are a shining example of what happens when I am upset. At least you are…not destructive. }}

Ancient coding willed him to attempt to corrupt Scattorshot like he had with Autobots in the past. All the dark thoughts they harbored, he sought to woo the worst out of Prime’s soldiers just to prove to them that they were no better than he—to prove that any Autobot could be a Decepticon and fall at bended knee before him. 

It was terrible agony to fight it.

{{ You know I am not one to discuss these matters with, Scattorshot, not without exacerbating the situation. If things are well between you and the sadist, perhaps you should go to him. }}

{{ I have to say I am glad I don’t blow worlds up, but maybe ya wouldn’t have that problem if ya didn’t shoo everyone away all the time like I hear ya do. }} admittedly he didn’t know that was true, but he had heard on the wind that he didn’t enjoy a lot of company, so he felt he was probably correct. He hoped at least.

The last thing he needed was an offended warlord.

He had thought about going and talking to Red Alert, but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to. As though it would be a bad idea to. He spent most of his time with the medic, and talked to him about everything almost, but he seemed…crowding and possessive. 

{{ Red can be a bit…pushy. It’s times like these I don’t really want to be with Red Alert. He may be more work to deal with than this. Right now, I think talkin’ ta you is more effective. }}

Wow…that last part just came out. He didn’t even plan it or even think about it. 

(Overdo meme answers. Aren’t they cute?)

To an artist in Japan.


The multicolored mech rolled his optics. 

{{ Yes, Scattorshot. I want to know how you are. Or, is that question simply too difficult for you to figure out? }}

Realizing he had raised his voice slightly, he quieted for a moment to make sure he had not roused Optimus from his slumber. However, when he did not hear the familiar pedesteps of the Prime, he went on.

{{ Well, if you have not severed ties with the Autobot sadist—or, medic as you call him, I am lost as to what could possibly upset you. }}

{{ But me, I am well. Better off than you as always. }}

Though he couldn’t be seen Scattorshot gave a glare at the blow to his intelligence. If only he could think of something Megatron couldn’t do or didn’t know how to do. 

{{ How hard was it to ask about me? }} he retorted, though he was sure it was a pretty pathetic. However when the Decepticon leader didn’t reply, he assumed he was in the clear.

He wasn’t going to deny Red Alert was a little bit sadistic. Because he was, but given the fact Megatron referred to all medics as sadists, Scattorshot assumed that it wasn’t just Red Alert.

{{ Just about everyone is better off than me. }} he said with a sigh.

{{ A lot can upset me. Sometimes I am just overwhelmed with work, sometimes the Cybertron command or whatever they call it get under my plating, and sometimes I’m just bored. But today, a lot of things just went wrong. Including the list above. }} 

"I lost donut." He starts to cry. "I want donut back!"

He pats the younglings back and rocks him some more. He smiles out of sympathy for the little one. 

"I’ll find him Prowl. I promise,"


The former warlord did not miss the irritation that was in the technician’s voice. He smirked, sinking into the chair he was seated in so he could further relax.

{{ I mean that it has been quite some time since I contacted you…but never mind. Obviously it’s not important. }}

After a frustrated ex-vent, he continued: {{ And what I want is to know how you are…doing. }} Such a confession did not come easily; to feign empathy made him shudder with discomfort. 

{{ Though, from your tone of voice, I would say not so well. Bad break up with Red Alert? }}

He honestly couldn’t tell if the warlord was being sincere or not. He figured not, but he still wasn’t really sure considering he didn’t know what Megatron could try to get out of him this time around.

{{ You want…to know how I am. }} he repeated, before continuing. {{ And no I haven’t broken up with Red Alert. }} he finished as he grumbled something about Megatron being nosy. 

{{ But you’re right about the fact ‘m not doin’ so well. Not today. }} he said with a sigh, his irritation turning back to his original tone of bored mixed with a hint of upset.

{{ What about you? Somethin’ happen there that’d you be concerned? }}