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Red Alert hummed softly in response, pressing just a bit closer to Scattorshot’s frame. “Ah, that’s right, you never got a chance to go there, did you? Well, Velocitron’s quite welcoming, and the terrain would be quite manageable for your alt mode. I think you’d enjoy it. That, and we have a few comrades up there… it just seems like somewhere that we’d fit in, I suppose.”

Aside from the racing culture that essentially dominated the planet, the environment was rather relaxed. If he thought about it, he could imagine himself settling down there, aiding in one of the many medical stations, returning to his residence at the end of the cycle to rest with— …again, he was imagining that Scattorshot would have wanted to be part of such a scenario. The way the technician was holding him, his rather positive reactions to these foreign feelings of openness and affection, all pointed toward the idea that, just maybe, he was wanted.

"There definitely is a lot to be done before we make any plans. I’ve got some research I need to finish up here, and I’m certain you’d like to get a few things done yourself. We’d have to figure out how to move the Dimension Bridge, deal with closing out this outpost when we’re finished here, there’s a lot. Plus, well. I suppose you want to talk to Thundercracker about his plans. After all, I’ve noticed he’s… rather important to you."

It was something that he had come to accept over the past few months. While he had been away, Scattorshot and Thundercracker had become almost inseparable friends, and while he still worried at times, there wasn’t much he could do about it. The Seeker wasn’t much of a problem, anyway; in fact, he seemed to be a lot more helpful and open than he had once thought. Truly, he held no animosity towards the Decepticon at all.

"And that just proves how much you care. You give others a chance even when no one else will, and that speaks a lot about your character. You’ve… you’ve even given this old wreck of a mech a shot at something he didn’t even know that he could have." He removed his helm from Scattorshot’s chassis, moving once more to face the mech that held him so close, so tenderly. "Thank you, Scattorshot."

Once more Red Alert allowed himself to freely show the emotions he held so deeply inside, pressing forth to meld beige lip components with polished silver. His engine thrummed a song of passion and excitement, one that he had not played for millennia, one that he had thought lost and forgotten. And yet it was sung again, as though it were meant for that moment and that one alone.

Still, all good things had to come to an end. Red Alert pulled away somewhat reluctantly, his helm returning to its place upon the technician’s chassis. “Thank you.”

"Aw Red, ya don’t have ta thank me for noth- !?!?" he was cut off by a very surprising follow up gift from his medic. Wow they went up the list really fast!

It was the first time anything like this had ever happened, and he wanted to pull away at first, but quickly threw out that feeling. This was a perfect moment that he wanted to enjoy and remember. Almost nothing could ruin the moment

And just like that…it was over. It was perfect. Having the medic so close to him, so happy, so perfect! All the stars were aligned in Scattorshot’s favor it seemed. For once. He still couldn’t believe it, but he was glad it had happened. And he had been trying to take it slow for Red Alert!

It was all so overwhelmingly wonderful. Scattorshot suddenly found himself unable to really stand up easily and leaned into the other for support as he seemingly lost the ability to stand.

"That was….unexpected…" he said without thinking. "We should…we should do it again some time. Sometime soon," he said as he completely went limp in the medics arms. 

And just like that, Scattorshot fainted, after his first real close moment with the medic. His medic.

Cybertron Defense Team: Scattershot
Scattorshot: ye
Corinth: ye
Scattorshot: ye
Corinth: ye
Scattorshot: ye
Corinth: ye


A soft purr rumbled from the medic’s engines, leaning forward to nuzzle at Scattorshot’s neck cabling. It was not often he was able to be so affectionate with another, to bring them the happiness and comfort that he, too, had desired for so long. In the past he had been told that he was never one to settle for such things, to put aside his own personal pleasure for the happiness of another—and yet, in that moment, he finally knew that assessment was wrong.

There had been many mistakes that he had made in the past, of course. Too many mecha that he had brought into his life for only the briefest of moments, tossing them aside as soon as he was content. The same rule had been applied to his work, quickly picking up and dropping off responsibilities as though they were mere samples of life before moving onto the next exciting adventure.

Except, those things had never brought him anything but momentary contentment. It was only when he was in the company of Scattorshot that he felt anything more, something that willed him to stay, assuring him that he truly did have the right to be happy.

"To be quite honest, I’m not too thrilled about returning to Cybertron myself." His vocals were rather soft in that moment, resting his helm against the tank’s chassis, listening closely to the thrum of the other’s engines. "It’s… it’s quite depressing, actually. Jetfire and his little council are having a difficult time of just about everything, and the only place that I could find solace was in the medical institute. Even then… I didn’t feel right there. If we are to ever leave here, I was actually considering Velocitron. They’re obviously established, and they could always use mecha of our expertise to help keep things going."

His servo slowly stroked the side of Scattorshot’s helm, his digits lazily tracing the technician’s audials as he spoke. “But that’s off in the future. For now, we’re able to stay here as long as you like. Cybertron doesn’t even monitor this outpost anymore, they just send off the extra work they have for you and Thundercracker to toil away at. They use you too much, my friend. You need rest and happiness.”

Scattorshot listened to his friend as he told of the trouble Cybertron was going through, and although Jetfire was probably up to his wings in stress and work, and probably needed help, it just didn’t sound like the place to be. 

He smiled and brought one of his arms to rest upon the medic’s back, and began to stroke. He liked Red Alert being this affectionate. He felt as though he brought another side of the medic out, and even if he didn’t, Red Alert surely brought out another side of Scattorshot. 

"Velocitron sounds nice. I’ve never been there myself, but I’ve heard great things about it," he replied. Ever since the mission for the Cyber Keys took place, he had always wondered what those planets were like. Sure he could see and watch it all on the monitor, but that’s secondhand info in his mind.

As he thought more about it, he realized wanted to explore. It had been why he volunteered for the space bridge project, but due to the accident on the first leg of the mission, he hadn’t been able to see very much, and thought he wouldn’t be able to again.

But now, that Red Alert was here, he felt like he could do anything, and go anywhere, but he knew the medic was right about staying here. Just randomly leaving could be disastrous. Not to mention Scattorshot would be abandoning TC, and that would never do.

"But I agree…let’s stay here for a while, and get things sorted out. I think we all need some rest. A lot has happened here in the past few months…or years…I still don’t know Earth time frames," he said with another short laugh. He didn’t know why that was so amusing, but it was. 


Armor (xtechnoblade)'s Commissions

Hi, I’m Armor and I’m sort of broke. I’m near defaulting on my student loans, and putting food on the table is starting to become a bit of a hassle, so I’m doing some sort of emergency commissions.

  • $10 - simple cell-shaded drawing 
  • $15 - painted and/or lined.

I mostly do Transformers and other robots, but animals/creatures, monsters, etc. are doable as well~

SFW requests only, please.

Payments must be made through paypal, send me a fanmail for questions and email.


"Well, you’re good at running," he said and then gestured to the cube of low grade the tank had chosen to ingest, "What, do you not indulge yourself? Don’t tell me you are so innocent that you have never been overcharged before."

He lifted the cube of high-grade in his servo to his lips and took a sip before grinning at the Autobot technician, “Shall we change that?”

Scattorshot chose to ignore the warlord’s first statement as he took another drink of his low grade..

"No I never really did drink a lot of high grade, so no I haven’t been overcharged before. Not really dying to try it out either," He had to admit though he was curious as to what it was like to be overcharged, but he never wanted to risk it.

"That sounds like a very bad idea Megatron," he said taking another sip of his low grade. 


A smile from Scattorshot was a greater gift than he could have ever hoped for. Of course, after all he had done to harm the friendship that had taken so long to build up, Red Alert was willing to do just about anything to prove that he would stay, and that he would always care.

"I definitely will," insisted the medic, "because I know how difficult of a time you have recharging without someone else there, and, well… I happen to enjoy being with you."

This new relationship he had been forging with Scattorshot was far different than anything he had ever attempted before. Most of the CMO’s previous encounters had lasted as long as a night cycle, splitting off after both he and that particular partner had felt things were through. There were never any lasting feelings or desires, and it had grown into a lifestyle that he was content with. Others had always said he would never be one to settle down, that whenever he got bored with something, it would be cast aside and he would move on with life. Yet… he didn’t want that to happen now. Not ever again.

"If I may be honest with you here, I… I had lied to you, Scattorshot. I am rather… well, as I believe you had put it, I’m quite lonely. It was why I had left here in the first place, I expected more life and excitement on Cybertron. But I was wrong; life there is rather dull and depressing compared to the goings-on around here, and well… I believe there is a good explanation for that."

A servo trailed up from its resting place upon Scattorshot’s arm, moving to cradle the side of the mech’s helm. “You weren’t there. And now, I know I’d rather be wherever it is you are.”

Scattorshot smiled and rubbed his helm against the medic’s servo a bit. This was why he hated it when people called Red Alert emotionless. 

"I don’t care why ya left Red," he said wrapping his arms around the other and resting his helm on his chassis. "You’re back now, and I’m happy that ya are," 

Everyday since Red Alert left, he would always hope each day, that he would come back. So that he wouldn’t have to be alone anymore, and maybe find out if the medic actually cared for him. 

He himself used to long to be home, and back on Cybertron, so he could understand why Red had left, but after a while, Earth had filled some void, in his spark, and he found thinking of Earth as a home. But it was all empty without someone to share it with. 

"Red…I don’t know if I can live on Cybertron again. I kinda want to stay here…but I want ta stay where you are more. If you want to go back to our home planet, then I’ll go," He said looking up at the medic. 


"Well it’s a hike before we reach pavement."

"There are also humans down there, but hey I was only asking because If you wanted a leisurly ride, that road ain’t it. But if you’re fine with all that danger, then let’s go,"

He personally wouldn’t mind the hike, but if Angela didn’t want to then that’s that.

//What can I say? Cannonball is the best older bro. Who says Piracy doesn’t have it’s perks? What’s more fulfilling than interrupting your little brother’s relationship moments and killing the moment!? Best feeling.

//What can I say? Cannonball is the best older bro. Who says Piracy doesn’t have it’s perks? What’s more fulfilling than interrupting your little brother’s relationship moments and killing the moment!? Best feeling.